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“From PDF images I can calculate four projects using JCAD in the same amount of time that it would take to do one.”

For LVI-Asennus Ala-Hulkko, the implementation of the JCAD software was easy and made the calculation of contracts much quicker, without compromising accuracy.

“It's so much faster,” states Mikko Törmä, who is responsible for the material quantity calculation of contracts at LVI-Asennus Ala-Hulkko Oy operating in the region of Southern Ostrobothnia. “It was also surprising how quick it was to get started.”

– Getting started was effortless. I immediately received a quick remote training session. It was in use very quickly, says Törmä.

Törmä explained that he learned how to use the software after only calculating about ten items.

– After a week, you already know how to use it and are able to find everything.

In addition to saving time, Törmä considers one of the most important benefits of the software to be that you can easily interrupt a calculation without the fear of not knowing where you left off. 

– There is always a phone call interrupting work. But when you return to the software, you know exactly where you left off. You don't waste time and you don't count the same thing twice.

Törmä says that he already makes a list of quantities as accurate as possible during the bidding phase. When the job starts, the software gives the list and quantities of installation materials, based on which he places the order.

– Constant visits to the wholesaler were decreased a lot when we started using JCAD.

– The company took off in a completely different way when it started using JCAD and was able to accurately calculate contracts. You can say that the direction changed as soon as we got more accurate with our calculations.

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